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Our B2B Branding Process

Step 1


We'll work with you and your team to create a brief for the branding project that outlines the objectives for the project and what success looks like.

Step 2

Competitor Analysis

The Amply team will review your competition and identify opportunities to stand out from the crowd as a leader in your space while aligning to the objective of the brief.

Step 3


We'll create several creative directions that payoff the objectives set during the brief and take advantage of the opportunities identified during competitive analysis.

Step 4

Visual Concepts

From the winning mood board, we'll develop several specific directions via hero section and homepage mocks.

Step 5


Once we've identified the winning direction and fleshed out its expression, we'll deliver a full set of guidelines to be used with your new branding including: logo treatment and usage, typography styles, colors, product imagery, iconography etc.

Any Questions?
What's included in brand guidelines?

For each branding client we deliver a set of guidelines that set the stage for your brand to reach the stars. Guidelines include: Logo usage and variants, typography (fonts), colors, iconography, and examples in use.

Do you do standalone branding projects?

Yep! The majority of our clients engage with us to do both their branding and new website, but we love the branding only projects just the same.

Will I have full rights to the logo you create?

Yes! Everything we create for our clients becomes their legal property upon project completion and final payment.

How long do you take to create a logo/branding?

We believe that good work takes a bit of time. That being said, we can move pretty quickly to get you your new logo and guidelines. Most branding projects take about 4-6 weeks to complete.

Let's work together!

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Cade Biegel

Cade Biegel

Co-founder @ Amply
Luke Lewis

Luke Lewis

Co-founder @ Amply