Why every B2B company should be using Webflow

Cade Biegel
Cade Biegel
March 14, 2023
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Why every B2B company should be using Webflow

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a no-code development tool that allows you to build clean and high-performing websites, without writing a single line of code. Say goodbye to restrictive themes and manually editing PHP to customize your site’s design. With Webflow, you can build visually with the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a completely visual canvas.

Yeah, that's right. Say goodbye to Wordpress.

Something's been missing in web development

Webflow is a game-changing web development solution that will grow alongside your company. With Webflow's powerful and custom CMS, the possibilities are endless. Before Webflow, companies kept running into similar challenges.

Here are three common scenarios for growing tech companies not using Webflow.

Scenario 1

You have a custom website developed by your team or an agency. One day, something breaks. You slack your dev team, who is busy developing your SaaS product's newest solution. After a few days, they get around to fixing it and all is well. Until it happens again and again.

Scenario 2

Your marketing team urgently needs to add another section and adjust the CTA on the home page of your custom site. You slack your dev team... same response as scenario one.

Scenario 3

You have a Wordpress website. It's been around since the start of the company. At this point, to keep up with growth, it's a big ball of duct tape. You get anxious thinking about making a change. Things break easily. Maintenance is a nightmare with 1000 plug-ins. It's slow, bloated, and your site's health is suffering. That doesn't sound very fun at all.

These scenarios are far too common for companies that need fast, powerful, easy-to-edit, and clean websites. Your website should be your #1 sales tool, not a headache. Just ask our friend McKay Allen, VP of Marketing at Kenect (Utah's fastest-growing tech company).

"The new Webflow website Amply built for us is a massive improvement from our old WordPress site. We can now make updates to the site without getting IT involved or being worried about anything breaking. Plus, site conversion has grown 10x since launching. We couldn’t be happier with the results!" - McKay Allen, VP of Marketing, Kenect

The perfect match for growing tech companies

With Webflow, building an on-brand website optimized for conversion has never been easier.

Why is Webflow the right choice for you? We'll keep it simple.

  • Full design customization. Building an on-brand website optimized for conversion has never been easier.
  • Powerful and customizable CMS.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your sales and marketing tools.
  • An easy-to-use editor that allows you to make and publish changes on the go.
  • Make scrolling through your website an experience. Create custom interactions and animations natively in Webflow.
  • Built-in SEO Friendly tools to help ensure good keyword ranking on Google.
  • Mobile responsive design allowing full customization for each screen size.
  • High-security settings and SSL encryption for data protection.
  • No need to update your software or manage outdated plugins.
  • Clean, semantic code.

Ok, we'll stop there. Trust us, the list can go on.

In short, Webflow is truly a revolutionary development tool that is ready to aid in the growth of your company. Webflow is growing and improving as time goes on and it's here to stay.

Interested in learning how partnering with Webflow Agency like Amply and developing your site in Webflow can help grow your company? Book a strategy call to get the conversation started.

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